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Dry Fruits
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  • Chakki Fresh Atta 5 KG

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  • Hind Moong Dal 1 Kg

    ST Hind Gold Moong Dal (Yellow) (Split) 1 KG (Orange)

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  • Black Masoor 1 Kg

    ST Hind GOLD Black Masoor 1 Kg

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  • Hind Masoor Dal 1 Kg

    ST HIND Gold Masoor Dal Red Split 1 KG

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  • Deccan Masoor Dal 500g

    ST DECCAN Premium Masoor Dal Red (Split) 500GMS

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  • Deccan Moong Dal 500g

    ST DECCAN Premium Moong Dal Split Yellow 500GMS

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  • Black Urad 1 Kg

    ST Hind Gold Black Urad Whole Round 1Kg

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  • Hind Black Urad Dal 1 Kg

    ST HIND Gold Black Urid Dal (Chilka) (Split) 1KG

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  • Hind Fried Grams Roasteed 1 Kg

    ST HIND Gold Fried Gram (Roasted Gram) 1 KG

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  • Hind Masoor Gola 1 Kg

    ST HIND Gold Masoor Gola Whole Round Without Skin 1KG (Orange)

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  • Poppeye Seeds 1 Kg

    ST Regular Poppeye Seeds (khas khas) 1 Kg

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  • Deccan Green Peas 500g

    ST DECCAN Premium Green Peas (Hara Mutter) 500GMS (RED)

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  • Deccan Masoor 500g

    ST DECCAN Premium Black Masoor (Whole) 500GMS (RED)

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  • Deccan Masoor Gola 500g

    ST DECCAN Premium MAsur Gola Whole (Without Skin) 500GMS (RED)

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  • Deccan Toor Dal 500g

    ST DECCAN Premium Toor Dal Split 500 GMS (RED)

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  • Bengal Gram Dal 1 Kg

    ST HIND Gold Bengal Gram Dal (Chana Dal) 1 Kg

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Why Online Grocery Shopping is better?

With everything getting smarter by the day, how can groceries and grocery shopping stay behind? The supermarket and grocery sector is one of the most competitive in the Indian food and beverage industry. We have seen it flourish over the years – with more low-cost retailers popping up everywhere and with unique technologies being introduced.

Online grocery shopping is a dream come true for today’s generation. Especially for all those women/men who always wanted to do grocery shopping on a budget. The landscape of grocery fulfillment has changed greatly due to this and Smart Groceries are doing just that by providing you everything at the comfort of your home.

The best part about buying groceries online is that it is delivered at the doorstep of the house. The effort of carrying heavy bags from the store is definitely not a part of this smart shopping choice. With the young, old are also becoming used to the technology and therefore, without worrying about anything, they too can shop from the comfort of their couch.

This not only vouches on saving money but also time. Instead of wasting time stuck in traffic, in long billing queues in the supermarket, parking headaches etc., one can choose to stay at home and opt for an easy checkout saving a whole lot of time for something productive. No matter the weather or traffic conditions outside, online grocery shopping can be done irrespective of that.

The best part is anyone can place an order at any time. Odd hours, Sundays etc. don’t matter because here, one has easy access to the whole supermarket day and night. One click and the supermarket would appear on the screen. This benefit allows shopping when one is free and therefore does not have to rush to the store before it closes.

Overall Smart Groceries are not just convenient but also encourage savings. Everyone is busy nowadays with their work and responsibilities and this sure helps in solving a big-time problem.


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