Rich and tasty dry fruits halwa are typically prepared during the festival season like Diwali, special occasion feasts, get together, etc.

  1. ALMONDS – Almonds are one of the most demanded nuts which people often use in Indian desserts such as Kheer, Badam barfi, Badam Katli and Badam Ka Halwa throughout the joyous seasons. One may also use almonds in the creation of almond milk, Badam payasam and Badam Ladoo.
  2. CASHEWS – many folks eat cashews daily while not understanding their health advantages. They’re the foremost satisfying as a snack or topping. Cashews can be eaten fried, roasted, and in the form of ingredients in sweets. The most famous festive sweets made of cashews are Kaju Katli, Kaju Barfi, Kaju Halwa and more making these nuts a much-loved ingredient throughout the joyous season.
  3. PISTACHIOS – Pistachios are the seeds of the Pistachio tree. They’re usually green and slightly sweet. Pistachios are fun nuts and are used to add a crunch to sweets. The most famous pistachio sweets are pistachio barfi and pistachio halwa. Pistachios are one of the famous and loved snacks.
  4. WALNUTS – Walnuts offer healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals — and that’s simply the start of how they will support your health. The most famous sweets made with walnut are walnut barfi, bubka, walnut tart, walnut katli, walnut churma walnut fudge, walnut milk cake and walnut ladoo.
  5. DATES – Dates have become quite popular in recent years and are often used as festive desserts. The major benefits of dates are that they aid in weight loss and promote brain health and are high in disease-fighting antioxidants. The famous sweets made from dates are Khajoor ki barfi, stuffed Medjool dates and khajoor ladoo.

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